About Dominica

Dominica - Offshore Services!

Politically/Economically Stable

Dominica is a former British colony, an island centrally located in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. Since its independence from Britain in 1978, Dominica has been an economically and politically stable democratic nation.

Progressive Legislation for different offshore products

Dominica has a relatively small population of approximately 70,000 people who engage primarily in agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and more recently offshore financial services to generate growth in the economy. Offshore company formation law for the Dominica IBC was passed in 1996, and since then legislation for offshore bank licensing, offshore gaming licensing and offshore trusts formation have been added; economic citizenship was implemented in 1991.

Positive Private Sector and Government Support

These assertive maneuvers show that the Dominica government realize the economic value of the offshore service sector especially company formation in Dominica. As such the policy makers ensure that conditions and legislation are favorable so that the sector experiences continued growth in Dominica company formation and offshore entity registration. The private sector is responsible for maintaining the credibility of the product by offering effective administration and maintenance of offshore company formation, while adhering to international and local regulations.

Affordable Government Fee Structure

Offshore company and offshore entities legislation is reviewed and amended regularly to keep up with international regulations and investor and business demands. In an attempt to keep ahead of competition, Dominica offshore company incorporation and maintenance fees are reasonably priced.

Efficient On-island administrative and support services

The on island offshore support system starts with government agencies which are responsible for regulation and implementation, the local registry which is responsible for incorporation and registrations process, and licensed offshore service providers, responsible for the administration and maintenance of the Dominica company incorporation process.

Modern Infrastructure

The facilities are modern, up to date, the process is streamlined, and the departments are well-organized. Dominica offshore corporations are formed in one day.